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One thing you probably will notice about me (if you really truly know me) is that I like to ramble when I get onto something. Instead of just getting to the point, I over-think and love it to death, and then those words come jumbling out of my mouth. Or in this case, through my fingers as I sit here and type like that Kermit the Frog meme that is circulating in GIFS and makes my die laughing every time I see it. HAHA. Okkkkk back to the blog post........

 Heritage. What is it to you? 

I grew up on a farm in northwest Kansas. In 1882, my great-grandfather August Henry, came to the United States, from Germany when he was just 17 years old, to get a new lease on life. He first settled in Nebraska to go to school and learn English. He also met his wife Clara May, and they moved to Kansas to homestead in 1892. Word is, he won the farm in a lucky game of poker. He built that farm from the ground up, where it still stands today. While the houses have changed over the years, from a sod house, to an old stick built farmhouse, and another newer farmhouse is the one that is still there today.

My great-grandfather and grandmother's legacy. Even way back then <3 1925-ish.

And another of my Grandpa (second from the left)with his daddy and brothers. 


My grandpa, was the youngest of 9. He was born in 1915. His parent's hard work and determination was instilled in him at a  very young age, and over the years, he eventually bought out his brothers and sisters shares. He busted his ass growing that farm even more than what it was. And eventually his son took it over. My grandpa was a quiet man that spoke volumes. He was so wise, and always had the answer to most problems or so it seemed. From sun up, to sun down, and right up until the day he died, he poured his heart and soul into that farm. 

My Grandma and Grandpa Miller <3

The old barn that that stands, is well over 100 years old, has seen the test of time. It's housed horses, cattle, hay, many, many of my grandpa's favorite barn cats (only he could catch), the occasional kid, some unwelcome skunks, and many tools and treasures over the years. It's been played in, loved in, danced in, cried in, and celebrated in. New life has been brought into the world and death has come knocking at it's doors. It's had senior photos taken in it, rebuilt broken dreams, and had way too many coats of paint to count. 

My Grandpa Miller in front of a photo of his beloved farm <3

While I was always there one way or another growing up, I started actual work (for a paycheck) at the farm the summer before my 7th grade year. I started out with the jobs no one wanted to do, and worked my way up into more responsible jobs. I did that every summer and after school, until I went off to college. When I came back, I brought home 3 of my 4 kids home from the hospital to that farmhouse. It's had just as many emotions if not more, as the old barn.

 We left Kansas because unfortunately some family things just don't work out no matter how hard you try. When the good Lord calls you elsewhere, it's your job to follow. And it's taken a long time, but I've come to accept that. 

Since moving to Wyoming almost 4 years ago, there's one thing that I have noticed year after year and time and time again. The people here are proud of what they have. Like so many agricultural families are.

Blood, sweat, and tears are just a portion of what goes in to building a legacy on a farm or ranch. I see that, and I want to help document it. I wish so badly that I, specifically had more photos of such a heritage to show my children. 

 I am going to be offering family farm/ranch heritage sessions beginning this spring and summer.

When your legacy looks back over the years, don't you think it is important to show them just what it takes to run something so, so important for the future of our world?

For these specific sessions, I will come to your farm or ranch on a typical day of work, whether you are branding calves, moving cattle, shipping, haying, cutting wheat or picking corn, I will be there, and document it. (No posing involved for those hard working men lol whew!) Then when the evening rolls around, and the light is beautiful, let me capture some family photographs of each generation on your farm or ranch. 

Each session will come with an online gallery to view images, a custom USB, and a signature album to cherish for a lifetime. 


****Please note that these sessions are an investment. I want to be able to pour my heart into your family's individual operation.

For more information, or to book, you can email me at



I need to thank my sissy, Shelly, for sending me the photos of my family. Annnnd for sharing years, and dates with me!! I love you Sissy Poo!! <3



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