Pat + Tara Wedding

July 06, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I was super excited when Pat contacted me and said he and Tara wanted me to take their wedding photos. Their wedding was to be at one of the coolest little hidden treasures in the state of Wyoming, so I was all over it. The Ayer's Natural Bridge is located just a little past the town of Douglas along I-25. The first time I had ever gone was for a field trip for school, and I knew I couldn't wait to go back. 

When we arrived, Pat and his groomsmen were setting up the ceremony site. Little wooden benches were handmade by he and Tara, for their guests to sit on. Tara was getting ready, as they had not seen each other since the day before. The ceremony was small and very intimate, and I could feel so much genuine love between the bride and groom. When Pat and Tara said their vows to each other, they also gave their girls vow necklaces to show their commitment to their little family. 

After the wedding, (the groomsmen had to change my flat tire!! UGH HUGE shout out to them btw....) guests loaded up and headed back east to Lusk, where a fun BBQ and bon fire was held at the couples home. Dancing, drinks, cake cutting, and tons of laughs were heard well into the night. 

Such a fun day, and definitely one of the most laid back weddings I've ever been to!

Congrats again you guys!! I have the best couples I swear!!



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