Pat + Koni Engagement

June 07, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

After a both of us being super busy last fall, being pregnant with our fourth baby, and this crazy Wyoming weather, I was starting to think I wouldn't get Koni and Pat's engagement session done before their wedding this summer!

I offer a complimentary engagement session to all my couples who have a booked wedding with me for a few different reasons.

1. It gets those jitters out (for BOTH of us)

2. I really get to KNOW my couple.

3. I find out what poses work, and which ones don't before the big day :)

We've lived in Wyoming for three years now, and every May it has snowed; but only AFTER it's been 70* for two solid weeks and are so happy to see spring finally arrive. So what do you do when it snows 12 inches a few days before an (already rescheduled about 3 times session)? You EMBRACE IT!!

So many laughs happened for it being too early in the morning :) My favorite was when the Texas boy got stuck in all the mud. Don't worry he was able to get out before we had to call for help hahaha!





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