Pat + Koni Wedding

December 06, 2017  •  Leave a Comment


I've been super behind on blogging this summer and fall, but I guess that's what will happen when you have a new baby, and a husbabe with a broken leg! So without further ado, I am starting back up!

This wedding was SO.MUCH.FUN. I really can't even tell you. So many laughs throughout the day. A bride about as laid back as you can get, a groom completely smitten with his bride, and lots of friends and family to help celebrate. Oh and they had a vintage couch that I was OBSESSED with....and the cutest little wiener dog for a ring bearer.

And then, they had a goat roping. How much more Wyoming can you get??? My husband even entered us, (and I seriously fell flat on my face because #flipflops) but it was so much fun! 

Totally my kind of day. Enjoy!!



Can all my brides and grooms hold a goat roping from now on?!!








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